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Ever Fortune

The Ever Fortune Visits the Port of Boston

The Evergreen Ever Fortune, the largest container ship to call the Port of Boston, is making a historic visit. The 1,100-foot-long, 160-foot-wide ship is carrying 12,000 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) of cargo, and will help connect Boston to East Asia via the Panama Canal. The arrival of the Ever Fortune marks the beginning of a new era for the Port of Boston. After a recent $850 million investment in Conley Container Terminal and the dredging of Boston Harbor, the Port is now “big ship ready” and able to accommodate larger vessels carrying up to 14,000 TEU.

After crossing the Pacific Ocean, the Ever Fortune will enter the Panama Canal, where it will discharge transhipment cargo. From there, the ship will make its way to the Caribbean and the west coast of South America. Then, it will head north along the Atlantic coast to US east coast ports. It will take about four months for the ship to make the entire journey.

Conley Terminal, which will handle the Ever Fortune, is already designed to handle large ships that transit the Panama and Suez Canal. It was also designed to accommodate the Ever Fortune, which is as large as three football fields. The ship can hold 12,000 metal containers. The Ever Fortune is expected to connect Boston with East Asia by 2020.