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Peoples Bank Theatre

Peoples Bank Theatre Benefits the Mid-Ohio Valley

Peoples Bank Theatre, a historic landmark in downtown Marietta, Ohio, is a premier performance and arts venue that benefits the Mid-Ohio Valley. It features a wide variety of live entertainment, including national artists, local plays, and regional shows. Its facilities include an orchestra pit and a 50-foot fly loft, which allows for exceptional line of sight. The auditorium can hold a total of 1,200 people. The facility is also equipped with acoustics, plush carpeting, a giant silver screen, and a unique cooling system. The theater has hosted famous acts such as Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Randy Travis. The theatre has received a grant of $10,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts, allowing the nonprofit organization to expand its Stage Door Space programming and promote local regional artists in outdoor series.

As a community-oriented organization, the Peoples Bank Theatre is committed to promoting the cultural awareness of its citizens through its educational programs and performances. Its efforts benefit both its community and the economic health of the Mid-Ohio Valley. The theatre’s location is in the center of the Marietta business district, providing a valuable economic boost to the city. Many restaurants are filled with patrons on show nights, generating an important revenue for downtown merchants. The theatre is also located conveniently off Interstate-77, making it easily accessible.

The theatre was originally known as the Hippodrome Theatre. It was a vaudeville and silent film house. It later became known as the Colony Theatre. After being restored by the Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association, it opened its doors again in January 2016. The theatre offers a variety of events for the public. In addition, it serves as a venue for a number of performing arts organizations. This includes the American Pops Orchestra, which is a program that is funded by Parkersburg native Luke Frazier. Its concert will feature a full orchestra, acclaimed artists from across the country, and audience reactions. The show will also be filmed for television broadcast live from the theatre.

The theatre also offers a number of affordable ticket options. Those who want to save money should consider purchasing tickets in the mezzanine and balcony sections of the auditorium. The seating is comfortable and allows for excellent line of sight. The theatre’s facilities include a large chorus girls’ room, acoustics, a unique cooling system, and a 50-foot fly loft. It also has seven dressing rooms.

The peoples Bank Theatre is a historic venue, and has been the site of a lot of incredible performances. It’s been a home to great acts such as Bob Marley, Randy Travis, and Judy Garland. It’s also been the site of a number of record-breaking events. The theatre has been awarded several awards for its quality and service. It is a key component of the history of Marietta and the Mid-Ohio Valley, and is a wonderful addition to its cultural landscape. As such, it is important to support the arts in our community.