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Pokemon Go Halloween Cup Research Rewards

Pokemon Go’s Halloween Cup – New Research Rewards

The Ghoulish Pals event begins on Friday, October 22 at 10:00 am local time and runs through Sunday, October 31 at 8:00 pm local time. To complete the event, players must complete a series of five tasks. These tasks will reward players with Candy and Pokemon encounters. The tasks were provided by LeekDuck.

Timed Research in Pokemon GO’s Halloween Cup

This Halloween, the game is introducing Timed Research, an in-game feature that will be available to players for a limited time starting on October 15 at 10 AM and ending on October 31 at 8 PM. Timed Research is one of two new features in the game that will be available to players during the Halloween Cup. The timed research tasks do not require an extensive amount of time to complete and offer plenty of rewards. The timed research reward is nonrefundable, and cannot be purchased with PokeCoins.

To complete the Timed research in Pokemon GO’s Halloween Cup, you need to fight in the Battle League with other players to complete the objectives. This will require you to be at least Level 31. This means that you will have to fight against high-level competitors, but the rewards are not too bad. However, the downside to this event is that there are many Candy rewards.

The first of the five tasks is to research a Pokémon that is weak against certain types. Choosing the right Pokemon can be crucial when trying to get the most out of this timed research quest. This research quest will give you the power you need to battle against certain Pokemon and unlock a new ability. There are several other tasks you can complete during this time frame, too. For example, you can earn a Lantern Pose by completing the Step 4 Timed Research tasks.

There are also a few Timed research tasks related to the Halloween Cup. These are one of the more unique Timed Research rewards that Pokemon GO players can get. Since the game was launched, Pokemon GO tasks were always related to the GO Battle League, but the Halloween Cup Timed Research is a little bit different.

Reward for level 2 research

In Pokemon Go’s Halloween Cup, players can find a reward for leveling up their research. This reward comes in the form of a G Yamask. However, if you get a non-G Yamask from the Timed research, your ghost catch will not count as a unique ghost.

Pokemon Go’s Halloween Cup is held through October 31st. To complete this event, you have to do 5 tasks related to the event. The tasks give you the chance to encounter various Pokemon as well as Candy. If you complete them in the proper order, you will earn the appropriate reward.

The Halloween Cup Timed Research is another way to collect a Halloween-themed reward. These research missions will give you more information on specific Pokemon that are available for the event. For example, you can research the Pokemon called Giratina to get a reward of Mega Energy. You can also use the Halloween-themed Special Research to earn a Shiny variant of the Pokémon.

In addition to the above, there are also two other ways to get a Halloween Timed Research reward. You can buy one from the in-game store or gift it to one of your Great Friends. Remember to complete these researches before the deadline to avoid missing out on the reward!

Reward for level 3 research

There are several new research tasks available for Pokemon Go players to take on during the Halloween Cup event. These tasks are not part of the main game or the Misunderstood Mischief event. Instead, they are part of a time-limited cup in the GO Battle League. You can take on these tasks in order to receive rewards such as Candy and Pokemon encounters.

The Pokemon Go Halloween Cup also features ongoing Timed Research. These tasks can yield rewards like Frillish and Umbreon. Some of these Pokemon can be helpful in Halloween Cup encounters while others can be useful for the GO Battle League. Special Researches are also available, such as the What Lies Beneath the Mask quest.

You can purchase a special research item to receive an exclusive Halloween reward. This item can be given to friends and greats in the game, and it is available in the Today tab of your field research collection. The quest expires on November 1 at 10am local time.

As long as you’re willing to wait a little longer to complete the research, you can still enjoy the Halloween Cup! However, you should note that this event has a limited pool of Pokemon. There are 180 Pokemon available to choose from, but some of them are more powerful than others.