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Fiilex K411s Four-light Travel Kit

Fiilex K411S Four-Light Travel Kit

The fiilex k411s four-light travel kit delivers style in abundance. It includes two P360S LED lights, two P180E on-camera fixtures for accent and fill lighting as well as three 7′ reversible leg light stands. A telescoping pull handle and durable wheeled travel case help cushion any bumps along the way. All lights boast Fiilex’s color tunable LED technology while a powerful battery pack keeps everything illuminated for hours on end.

These LEDs are all weatherproof (IP-24), offering flicker-free and multi-color dimming capabilities. Furthermore, the lights are fully compatible with all Fiilex accessories – including their own brand of softboxes – while using advanced AV signal processing to produce an impressive 125W of output – almost double the 60W average! What’s more, these lights boast high CRI values for accurate color rendering as well as lightweight designs at just two pounds each!