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Grims Burning Dead Worth

Grim’s Burning Dead Worth Buying?

Grim’s Burning Dead in Diablo II is a Two-Handed Polearm. This polearm is part of the Grim Scythe category and is one of many unique Polearms in the game. To obtain this weapon, you must be at least level 45. You must also meet the Strength Requirement and Dexterity requirements. This item cannot be combined with other weapons or shields.

As a Necromancer, Grim’s Burning Dead is a great polearm to have. You can cast spells at a distance or fight in close combat with this weapon. The weapon’s stats are quite impressive, granting +3 to your Necro Skills and +200-250 AR. It also has a -50% Target Defense. You can also upgrade the Grim Scythe to the Elite Grim Thresher (Giant Thresher) which deals more damage and has higher requirements.