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Tom Hanks – Peter Solari

Tom Hanks has played many characters throughout his career, including the aging inventor Peter Solari. He has been nominated for Emmy Awards for his role in the 2004 film “Solari.” The actor was the father of two children and a proud member of the VFW post 996. He also loved vegetable gardening and spending time with his family and friends. Hanks was a long-time caregiver for his mother and father, in addition to his acting career.

The actor died of cancer on Friday. He fought the disease for two years. Tracy Shayne, his wife, and four children, Nicholas, Joseph Keaton and Cali, are his survivors. He was also an actor and a part of “Bosom Buddies”, a comedy film starring Tom Hanks. It was a huge success. The film eventually departed from the original dumb crossdressing premise, and became a more mainstream comedy. Harvey Fierstein and Alan Sepinwall both expressed their grief.