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Druid Travel Forms

Druid Travel Forms in World of Warcraft

Druids possess the unique ability to shapeshift into various forms based on their environment. This versatility enables them to take on many roles at once, making this power immensely useful and commonly employed by all Druid specs.

Travel Form

Travel Form is a shapeshifting spell learned at level 10 that allows you to move faster depending on the environment you’re in. This can be especially helpful in dungeons and other PvP settings, as it will enable you to travel further without using a mount or speed boost.

Flight Form

The flight form is a shapeshifting spell learned at Level 16. It works similarly to the Travel form, only it increases your movement speed by 60% and grants you flight. This can be especially helpful in dungeons or other arenas where using mounts or speeding up will get you farther away from enemies without using up all your energy reserves.

Cheetah Form

In Mists of Pandaria, the cheetah form is a shapeshifting spell that can be very useful for druids in Pandaria. This form allows for faster land movement as well as water sealing abilities – both of which are greatly enhanced with this spell.

Aquatic Form

The aquatic form is a shapeshifting spell acquired at level 17. As a druid, having this form can increase your swimming speed and enable you to breathe underwater.

Originally, the cheetah form was the default form. With Mists of Pandaria however, an updated stag form took its place, replacing Glyph of the Cheetah with Glyph of the Stag and drastically reducing your shapeshift mana cost by 90% while freeing you from Polymorph effects.

Animal Form

The animal form is an excellent option for any druid as it’s universal and can be tailored to various roles. Balance Druids especially benefit from this form as they specialize in damage over time, which allows them to do some ranged damage with it; Restoration Druids may find this form beneficial as it has an on demand cooldown that increases healing output.

Kul Tiran Wildlife Form

The Kul Tiran wildlife form is an ideal choice for druids, boasting an edgy yet elegant appearance that would fit well in any dungeon or raid. Plus, this versatile form can be used both underwater and above the clouds – making it the ideal form to choose!

It has a very versatile form, as it can be used both underwater and in the air – making it an ideal choice for any druid.

This form is ideal for any druid, as it provides an invaluable tool for scouting and infiltration. It’s especially handy in caves since one can easily scale ceilings without needing an ability check.