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Same Name Wheel Of Fortune

Pinball Machine With the Same Name

In 2007, Wheel of Fortune, a popular US game show, celebrated its 25th year anniversary. To celebrate, the makers of Stern Pinball produced a pinball machine with the same name. Featuring the voices of Pat Sajak, Hanna White, and Charlie O’Donnell, the pinball works just like the television show. To meet three bobblehead candidates, the player spins a wheel that calls out letters.

The game show originated in 1975, and is the longest running show on television. To determine the winner, the wheel spins and cash prizes are given. The title of the show is derived from a gigantic carnival wheel. Contestants solve a puzzle and guess a word or phrase from a collection of letters. The show has been a hit in America since its debut. It is now one of the most watched shows on TV.

The game is based on the TV show’s style and features over 8,000 Hangman-style puzzles as well as turn-based gameplay. With 1-3 player wireless support, it is a perfect recreation of the game that has made the show so famous. It also features real-life hosts Vanna White and Pat Sajak and trivia.