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Robo Fortune Skullgirls

Skullgirls Robo Fortune

Robo-Fortune, a robot female fighter, can be used in many ways. She can attack enemies with the self-destruct mode and can also spawn new HEADRONES. The Robo-Fortune will fire homing missiles at the enemy when the HEADRONES have been spawned. The more HEADRONES that you have, the stronger they will be. RAM is another command that launches the HEADRONE forward. If the HEADRONE hits anything, it will explode. The MINE command will also place a HEADRONE in the ground. This will act as an explosive proximity bomb and explode when the enemy is within range.

Robo-Fortune, a fictional character in Skullgirls, takes its surname form Ms. Fortune. Her appearance is robotic and her body parts are inter-taped. Each part can be detached for fighting. Her eyes are also brightly-lit, similar to headlights. Robo-Fortune also doubts Brain Drain, her creator. Skull Heart’s return is also a doubt for her.

Robo-Fortune has several utilities to help fight enemies, including a laser cannon and extendable limbs. She can also use a giant chainsaw. She can also move at high speed on the ground but cannot air-dash. During combat, she can eject her head. The head can be used to launch a torpedo, or as a land mine. If you taunt the enemy with this move, you can increase the number of missiles fired by your Robo-Fortune.