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Investment Joy Net Worth

Investment Joy is a popular television personality who is credited for making millions of dollars. Before becoming famous, she had to take a student education loan of $25,000, but thanks to her incredible talent and hard work, she was able to pay it back. Joy Reid borrowed $4 million to expand her business and start a new venture in media. Currently, she is still paying off her loan with Morgan Stanley. This loan is included in her net worth.

Joy Reid’s net worth is derived largely from her investments in real estate and the stock market. Her latest purchase was a BMW X7, which cost $180,000 USD. Her Mercedes-Benz G-Class and other luxury cars also add to her wealth. Her salary and book sales make her more than $12 million annually. Her net worth is estimated to be $21 million. Reid has made a lot of money so it is possible that Reid’s net wealth will continue to rise in the future.