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Margaret Cho and John Largo at Sketchfest

Margaret Cho has a long career in the entertainment business. Love Is Love is her advocacy website for gay marriage. Cho is also an author and has contributed chapters to Tim Ferris’ Tools of Titans book. Her stand-up comedy is known for tackling difficult subjects, such as racism and sexism. Cho’s career took her to Hollywood and beyond.

Margaret Cho, an award-winning actress and comedian, is one of Hollywood’s most original comedians. She tackles important issues with a unique perspective. Cho is able to bring humor to any topic, regardless of whether it’s about race, sexuality or anything else. Her stand-up routines often touch on difficult topics, ranging from body image to eating disorders and even stereotypes of Asian-Americans. Her most memorable stand-up routines touch on topics such as gender roles, sexuality, and other sensitive topics.

Cho and Largo will present their stand-up, music, and sketch. These shows are part the pre-sketchfest preparation. The show also features Tang as a double bill. Cho is not the only comedian in the area. Leslie Jordan, SMCC student, and MN State Univ. are also available. graduate Sarah Hyland. There’s also a special show for Margaret Cho, which is part of a double-bill.