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Best Sub Jobs Octopath Traveler

Best Sub Jobs For Octopath Traveler

As players progress through Octopath Traveler, they’ll unlock jobs and access an array of abilities that can be used to customize their party. While the standard job system may appear straightforward at first glance, it is actually quite open-ended – allowing players to construct hybrid classes tailored towards their playstyle.

Octopath Traveler offers eight standard jobs (in addition to the advanced classes listed in our Job Classes List), and as players progress through the game they can add subjobs to their characters for even better combat performance. There are numerous combinations that are ideal no matter who you choose to play as.

Top-Tier Primary Jobs for Octopath Traveler

When selecting the ideal primary job for each hero, start by reviewing their current stats and strengths. Generally, the stronger a character is, the better they’ll perform in combat – which in turn dictates which secondary job they should pursue.

H’aanit is one of the strongest characters in Octopath Traveler and boasts an impressive base attack with high damage potential. This makes her ideal for the Warrior job, which grants her power to unleash devastating attacks, buff her party members, and exploit enemy weaknesses.

Temenos, on the other hand, boasts one of the highest elemental attack base stats in the game and makes him a prime candidate for the Scholar job. With his Fire-boosting dagger he can become an impressive caster capable of dealing out massive damage while also giving teammates buffs to their elemental defense, speed and evasion.

Cyrus, on the other hand, is an intelligent and passionate individual with a solid academic background. As a scholar, Cyrus can identify his enemies’ weak points and use elemental spells to crush them to pieces. Cyrus would benefit most from taking Merchant as their secondary job; this position allows him to increase their elemental damage with Rest enabled.

Tressa, on the other hand, is a merchant who collects cash and Wind Magic to fund her adventures. Additionally, she has an impressive physical and elemental attack base stat as well as access to bows, polearms, and swords for use in battle.

Olberic, on the other hand, is a tank tied for H’aanit’s highest physical attack base stat and also has an effective heal and status cure. This makes him an ideal candidate for the Apothecary job; this job grants him strong built-in heal and axe coverage to maximize HP while still dealing out considerable damage to opponents.

Players can unlock four additional Octopath Traveler secondary jobs as they progress through the game – each requiring fighting certain shrine bosses in order to unlock it. Since each job differs slightly from another, it’s best to consult your heroes’ skillset before selecting one for them.