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Beyond Research

Beyond Research

Bold Beyond Research Symposium

The Bold Beyond Research Symposium will be a premier event for celiac disease research. It will feature a panel discussion of the latest findings in celiac disease research, and will be broadcast live online to allow celiac patients and physicians worldwide to learn about the latest developments in the field. The event will feature national and local corporate sponsors, as well as media partners such as CBS Radio Philadelphia.

The symposium will also include sessions on securing more funding for celiac disease research. Panelists will encourage patients to be more vocal advocates for funding for this critical research. The more people who know about the need for more funding, the easier it will be to secure it.

PLOS Biology magazine

PLOS Biology magazine articles are not just pieces of science – they also spark debate, engage readers, and call for action. As such, it is difficult to gauge the impact of a particular article in isolation. However, there are several key indicators that may help quantify the impact of a PLOS Biology magazine article.

For example, a PLOS Biology magazine article can represent a significant advance in science, because it is the result of a new approach to an old problem. Such advances will be widely read and built upon, and they will spur future discovery. Because PLOS Biology is a high-impact journal, it is important that it choose articles that push the field forward in a meaningful way. For this reason, even null or negative findings that may have been considered preliminary may be included.


Beyond Research Podcast is a Canadian research podcast that brings research to the listener’s ears. Through interviews with Canadian researchers and community leaders, Beyond Research introduces Canadians to the world of research. This podcast features interviews with leading researchers and community leaders from across Canada. It also features a variety of Canadian research and community organizations.

The Beyond research podcast is hosted by UMB researchers, graduate students, and faculty. Each episode covers an important aspect of research. The podcast will be released bi-weekly and last from ten to fifteen minutes. Episodes will feature current and past graduate students, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows discussing their work.

In-person event

Hosting an in-person event can be a daunting task. Organizers must consider several factors, including the transmission rate of the virus, the supply and demand of healthcare workers, and government guidelines. In addition, finding reliable resources, creating waivers, and negotiating legal agreements are important. Keeping up with government protocols is another significant challenge.

While virtual events have become a popular alternative for many people, they still have some limitations. For example, online surveys are often less effective than in-person events. In addition to not being as accurate, a virtual survey will not capture as much data as a live event.


The Beyond Research website offers a wide range of information for the general public. It is organized by a non-profit corporation with a mandate to promote, organize, and fund research in the province of Nova Scotia. It is an excellent resource for individuals and groups who are interested in the latest advances in the field of science.