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Good/bad Fortune

Good/Bad Fortune

A simple rule of thumb in determining good/bad fortune is to follow a few basic rules. Do not sleep on the edge of a field, nor under an olive or fig tree. It is also a bad luck omen to see a stranger walking amongst the herds. Do not cross your fingers or throw a burning wooden stick when an owl hoots, because it means bad luck. Also, don’t cross your fingers when you are washing your hands – you must start with the right hand.

Another good/bad fortune omen is an itch on your feet. While this is usually a sign that you’ll be going on a holiday, it’s also possible that you’ll develop an open sore on your foot. If you have an open sore on your foot, you should use agate as a remedy. Alternatively, you can place a trivet in front of a candle and keep it lit all the time to keep bad spirits away. You can also wear agate to keep the blood from running out.