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Carshield Commercial Actors

Carshield Commercial Actors

CarShield has produced several TV commercials featuring well-known actors. One of them is starring Cyrina Fiallo, an American actress. She has acted in several films, including Step Brothers (2008), The Hangover (2009) and Walk of Shame (2014). Other actors who have appeared in CarShield commercials include Bill Glass and Ernie Hudson.

Adrienne Janic, actress and singer, is also a spokesperson for the company. She also co-hosts the TLC show Overhaulin. CarShield, a car insurance company, provides coverage for repairs, which can be costly. The company employs approximately 100-500 people and has revenues exceeding 500 million annually.

Hudson was born on December 17, 1945, in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Since the 1990s, Hudson has been featured in numerous TV commercials. He has also had a number credits in Hollywood films. CarShield claims it is the nation’s number one auto protection company, but it doesn’t live up to its claims. CarShield includes Hudson as well as Adrienne Janic and Chris Berman.

Carshield commercials feature real people living real lives. One of them, Jennifer, is a patient of Dupixent, a drug that treats advanced stage HIV infections. She has a mustache and sunglasses, and lives with severe atopic dermatitis. Stacy Edwards, who plays Christine, is deaf. Ernie Hudson, a character actor on Law & Order, is another actor who has appeared in Carshield ads. Jessica Simpson, a well-known singer, is another actor.

Ric Flair was also a Car Shield actor, but his role was terminated after he was accused of sexual harassment of an air stewardess in a dark side to the ring episode. The incident, known as ‘Plane Ride from Hell’, took place shortly after the pay-per-view Insurrextion in May 2002. Scott Hall and Curt Hennig were also dropped from the company.

Fred Armisen was also recently cast in a CarShield ad. They have a Portlandia-esque feel to them. Other actors who have appeared in CarShield TV commercials include Adrienne Janic and Vivica A. Carden. Another actress, Erica Campbell, also has a role in the commercials.

In addition to Ric Flair, CarShield also cast actress Camille Chen and WWE wrestler Bill Glass. Chen was born on September 1, 1979, in Taipei, Taiwan. The commercials will air in 2020. If you’re interested in watching the commercials, be sure to check out their YouTube channel.