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Travel Youth Care Worker

Travel Youth Care Worker Job

This full-time Travel Youth Care Worker position in Mcallen, TX comes with excellent benefits. This role is responsible for providing direct care supervision of youth residing within Southwest Key Programs’ (SWK) care, creating an environment conducive to learning and behavioral management while being supportive. Furthermore, maintain an efficient work schedule by being flexible. Provide intake services including but not limited to filling out paperwork for initial placements of youth into shelter. Maintain appropriate ratios and supervisory levels according to state and federal guidelines. Keep accurate documentation in SWK’s web-based program. Assist with planning daily activities at shelter to foster positive learning experiences that promote development.

Successful candidates will demonstrate high levels of customer service skills and be capable of handling stressful situations effectively, being available for call-outs when required and being flexible enough to work extended overnight travel, night and weekend shifts, rotational hours of work or on-call status as needed.

Travel Youth Care Workers have the pleasure of making an impactful difference in children’s lives as Travel Youth Care Workers. Travel Youth Care Workers provide care and service to unaccompanied minors of all ages traveling on domestic flights or ground transportation across the country. While on these trips they communicate in an age appropriate manner while maintaining safe conditions for all involved parties involved – providing meals, appropriate weather clothing and any additional items necessary to facilitate safe travels for these youth.