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Dunkin Donuts Travel Mug

Dunkin Donuts Travel Mug

If you enjoy a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts, then this awesome dunkin donuts travel mug is just what you need! These mugs come in several different sizes and are made with high-quality materials; perfect for everyday use and super affordable at Joom.

Reusable Mugs Are No Longer Refillable at Dunkin Donuts

Due to public health concerns and the Coronavirus outbreak, Dunkin Donuts has decided not to refill reusable cups at their stores. Instead, they now sell double-walled paper cups at all locations as part of their commitment to reduce waste and keep their environment healthy.

Do They Accept My Own Tumbler?

It is certainly possible to get a drink at Dunkin Donuts using your own tumbler, though it can be somewhat of a challenge. Some customers have reported not being able to refill their own mug and others having their drinks rejected entirely – though why this happens is often unclear. Getting clarity on why this happens may help ease some of the confusion that often ensues when ordering from them.

Reusable mugs are often accepted for hot coffee, though this may differ from location to location. Additionally, if you order a latte or other non-blended drink, they won’t usually fill it into your mug due to not knowing the exact amount of liquid needed to blend in a vessel they don’t know the size of.

Dutch Bros is one of many places that offers refills on reusable mugs at great prices, making them a great option for those looking to save money on their daily coffee fix. Not only is the coffee excellent and prices reasonable, but you can earn points in DD Perks loyalty program when using your own reusable cup!