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Support Guide For World of Warcraft Miss Fortune

As a support, Miss Fortune is a great choice for a team that wants to be aggressive in the early game. With her short cooldown, she is perfect for pushing out enemies and getting free damage with Make It Rain. She also has other useful abilities, such as double up, which can bounce from a ranged minion to a champion.

In teamfights, Miss Fortune is best paired with champions that stun or snare enemies. Without these tools, she’s virtually useless in teamfights. Therefore, she needs items to get going in the mid and late game. As a support, Miss Fortune can easily fall victim to a tanky support with a hook.

As a support, Miss Fortune should aim to build items that affect both her allies and enemies. Although she doesn’t do a lot of damage, her abilities provide a lot of healing. She also has the Q ability, which can stun two opponents at a time. In addition to this, she can also heal herself, sustain herself, and attack her opponents. This makes her a great choice for a team that wants to have wide crowd control.

A good tank champion is Lux, a popular champion from Riot Games. Lux’s passive provides shields and CC. She also allows Miss Fortune to cleave through enemy tanks with her powerful abilities. Although Lux isn’t as strong as some other tanks, she can be effective in the bot lane by playing cautiously. This allows her to pick up picks without causing too much damage. She’s also very effective at slowing down enemies.

Support Miss Fortune can be frustrating in some ways. This is because her kit only uses half of her possible abilities. Despite her powerful spells and basic attacks, she’s unlikely to kill her enemy before she recollects. In addition, she lacks dashes and isn’t a strong support. It’s important to have an extra flash spell, especially in laning, to ensure her survival. This spell is especially useful if you’re pushing towers and minion waves.

Maokai is a great support pick for Miss Fortune. This support can keep Miss Fortune safe during the laning phase and use bushes to assert her dominance. Maokai’s roots cover the entire lane and are highly effective in matching up the channeling of Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time.

Miss Fortune can also use Double Up to gain Movement Speed while not being attacked. She can also activate Strut to gain extra Attack Speed. In addition to this, Miss Fortune can also use Love Taps to reduce the cooldown of Strut. If your team can get a chance to get this support, you should consider taking it.

A good Miss Fortune support is able to disrupt Zyra’s support. If a team has plant turrets, her “Make It Rain” ability is a good choice for Miss Fortune. The ability allows her to clear those and give her free targets for her Love Tap. Beware, though, that Zyra can get a crit off her own plant spawns.