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Research Hall Bloodborne

Bloodborne Research Hall Guide

The Research Hall is one of the most eerie areas of Bloodborne. It’s a place where the Healing Church experimented on humans, hoping to create beings with the abilities of the Great Ones. Although there are no specific details about what they did in this place, players can guess that the experiments led to the creation of a Celestial Emissary.

The massive infusion of knowledge led to many anomalies, including the abnormal swelling of adult patients, mental instability, and even loss of sight. Eventually, only a small group was able to transform into a Great One. The rest were left as Living Failures, creatures with a limited intellect who were unable to handle the overwhelming knowledge.

Once the player has finished the base game, they can continue on to the DLC. There are three DLCs, which are free, and each one offers new challenges. Players can even choose which Covenant they wish to join. This allows the players to take part in the game’s story and to learn new skills.

The Cathedral Ward played a de-facto hub role in Bloodborne. Like other hub areas, it allows players to collect various NPCs that have both gameplay and narrative value. There are even reward systems to be unlocked by helping other players. In addition, the dark storyline will make you cringe when you see the twist in the plot.

Once in the Surgery Altar, players must ride an elevator to reach the Research Hall. Once inside, they must light a lamp in a dark area. When they do, they will hear blood echoes. The Research Hall is a vertically-designed level, with convoluting staircases and crazy patients with enlarged heads. The Scurrying Beast is another objective in the level, where players must kill it to receive a Blood Stone Chunk. Finally, they must explore a large chamber to find a large pool.

The Research Hall is also home to a number of Healing Church members. Each of these hunters is armed with Ludwig’s Holy Blade and the Threaded Cane. The hunter in the Research Hall is thought to be the same person as Vicar Amelia, but they have different voice actors. However, they utter the same prayer as Amelia. This could be indicative of their common church membership.

While the Clocktower Patients are the most common enemies in the Research Hall, they are not always hostile. However, they do have a higher damage output than their smaller counterparts. In addition, they also use the IV Stand to increase their damage output. This item is important for Adeline’s questline.