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Charlando Peoples

Body Cam Footage of Charlando Peoples

The Cincinnati Police Department has released body cam footage of Charlando Peoples. He has since been in custody on multiple counts, including robbery, obstructing official business and more. Although he has yet to be convicted, he is slated for a lengthy jail sentence. If convicted, he would likely spend many years behind bars.

Several months back, a Cincinnati police officer was tasked with investigating a report of a small-time robbery. When confronted with the task, the suspect elicited a number of colorful responses from the officer. This led to an escalating exchange, culminating in the aforementioned incident. One of the officers tased the culprit five times before subduing him. In the process, the officer sustained several bone fractures in his face. While the incident was not fatal, he suffered enough to need reconstructive surgery.

The CPD has opted for the unorthodox method of capturing their suspect: tasering him. However, the taser isn’t the only weapon in their arsenal. According to a recent report, several of the department’s most senior members have a history of using more traditional forms of arrest. A few officers may have even used the taser as a deterrent. As for the taser itself, the department isn’t saying. It’s possible that the device could have been used on the wrong person, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a legitimate attempt at catching a criminal.

There are plenty of other tasers to be found throughout the city. However, the aforementioned incident stands out. Despite the fact that it is a rare occurrence, one officer was left injured after his encounter with the taser slinger. Fortunately, he is recovering at home. That said, a cursory review of the police department’s incident report suggests that the incident was not without its merits. After all, the CPD is no stranger to tasering suspects, but there is little to suggest that this particular incident was anything other than a one-off. For now, the department is securing its most troublesome suspect in the safe confines of the county jail. Until his release, it is recommended that you contact your local law enforcement office. They are likely to provide you with more information and a referral to an attorney.

While Charlando Peoples’s case is a sad case, the Cincinnati Police Department did a bang up job of identifying and bringing to justice a robbery suspect. If he is convicted of the charges, he could end up spending the rest of his life behind bars.