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Why Are My Lash Extensions Falling Out

If you’ve had lash extensions for a while, you’re probably wondering: Why are my lashes falling out? Your extensions may have been applied incorrectly, which can lead to premature shedding. Because extensions fall off as part of their natural life cycle, it’s essential to follow proper application and drying times. Here are some tips to keep extensions glued. Here are some common reasons extensions can fall off.

You may be allergic to the glue that bonds the extension to your natural lash. This is rare and your technician will apply your extensions. If this doesn’t work, call your technician to discuss other options. You can also try avoiding caffeine before your appointment. You can also avoid the “Chatty Cathy look” by limiting your small talk during appointments.

If you are prone to friction and tears, avoid sleeping with your extensions on your face. Excessive friction can cause eyelashes to fall out sooner than normal. Avoid rubbing your eyelashes while you sleep and don’t wear extensions on a night when you aren’t using them. To keep your lash extensions in place longer, you should apply a sealer to them. These products contain acrylic or hyaluronic serum.

To remove any debris or dirt that may have built up, you should clean your lashes every day. You could risk infection or inflammation of the hair follicle if you don’t clean your lashes correctly. After applying lash extensions, make sure you brush your eyelashes. Avoid using oil-based skincare products and be gentle when brushing your eyelashes. It could break down the adhesive that bonds the extension to your lashes.

A client with fast growth cycles will need to have infills more often. They should also consider volume extensions over thin ones. These extensions will cover any gaps that may have occurred during their natural growth cycle. If you’re not sure what to do afterward, ask your lash artist. They don’t want to make you panic. Remember that your lashes will fall out in time. Your lash artist should check your lashes before every appointment to ensure they match perfectly.

When your lashes fall out, you need to find out what caused them to fall out in the first place. Sometimes the lash technician may have applied too many extensions. This creates an unnatural look. Moreover, if you’re using shorter extensions in the inner eye area, your lash technician may have put a longer extension there. To avoid this, you should gently comb your lashes from the base of the extension to the tip.

If you’re not aware of proper eyelash care, you may fall victim to the common lash maintenance mistake. To avoid tangles or breakage, you should brush your lashes at least twice daily. During the night, make sure that you don’t rub your eyelashes or rub your eyes with your hand while you sleep. The bonds between your natural lashes and the extensions can be weakened by friction and rubbing.