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Elf On The Shelf Inside A Balloon

Stuff an elf on the shelf inside a balloon and you’ve got yourself a great holiday gift! You can stuff your elf with candy, chocolates, or other goodies. And because you’re saving money, you can use it year-round! Here are some tips for making your elf on the shelf inside a balloon. Enjoy! – You can use a canning funnel to fill your balloon.

– Make sure that you have ample room for the elf on the shelf inside your balloon. The elf on the shelf needs a little room in the balloon, so make sure you make sure the elf is as long as possible. Then use a stuffing tool to fill the balloon with gifts. Make sure that you use enough stuffing material so the elf will be able to sit inside the balloon.

– Add a special touch to your holiday celebrations by adding a real elf on the shelf inside a balloon. You can purchase a balloon with a toy elf inside. They’re usually about thirty to forty-five dollars. To customize your elf on the shelf, visit the LGM Balloon Decor website. And remember: if you’re planning a holiday party, you’re a great place to buy elf on the shelf inside a balloon!

In a previous post, Sapphire shared her elf on the shelf inside a balloon. After the elf on the shelf was safely inside the balloon, she shared pictures of it online. Her Facebook post received more than three thousand likes. She’s not the only one who’s a bit mischievous! After Christmas, she’ll be able to tell Santa about her child’s naughty behavior.

Besides a balloon inside a jar, you can also put an elf inside a condom. This is a fun way to decorate a balloon that won’t cost too much! The condom expands into a balloon-like shape when inflated. Just remember to wash it! Sapphire’s daughter is excited to see her new friend, but is worried the condom will make her daughter sneeze on the elf!