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Brica Travel Bassinet

Which Travel Bassinet is Right For Your Baby?

There are a lot of bassinets on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is best for your baby. You need to find a bassinet that’s easy to assemble and take down, that can fit in your suitcase, and is comfortable for your little one.

The Brica Fold n Go Travel Bassinet is our top pick for the best folding travel bassinet because it’s lightweight, compact, and it folds up to a small size when not in use. It also comes with a carry bag, so you can easily carry it with you on your trip.

It can be used on the ground, but it’s recommended to use it on a bed or another safe surface. You can even use it outside, or at a picnic or beach, but make sure you have a cover to protect your baby from getting dirty!

You should also be aware of the weight limit on bassinets, as some can only support up to 15-20 pounds. This means if your baby is bigger or heavier, you may need to look for another travel crib.

A travel bassinet is often a smaller and more portable option than a travel crib, and they’re only intended for babies up to 4 months or 20 pounds. This is because they’re designed to be used as a newborn sleeper, and once your baby can move and sit up, you’ll want to transition them into a full-size travel crib.

Having a canopy on your baby’s travel bassinet is a good idea because it can help block out sunlight, and it can also be a safe place to hang toys or mobiles for your baby to play with. Some portable travel bassinets come with music, calming vibrations, or sounds to soothe your little one before bedtime.

Some portable travel bassinets are also portable cribs, meaning they’re not just meant to be used as a sleeper but can be used as a playpen for your little one from birth all the way through toddlerhood. This makes them a much better choice for traveling than regular playpens or travel cribs.

The Munchkin Brica travel bassinet is a favorite amongst travelers, and it’s the #1 seller on Amazon. The Sate-T-Lock system makes it simple to set up on the go, and you can lock it into a non-rocking position if you need to keep your baby quiet.

It’s also great for co sleeping, and it’s very inexpensive! BRICA has been making baby gear for over 20 years, and this model is just the latest in their line of smart solutions for traveling with kids.

They have a wide range of options, and we recommend checking out their Soothing View model which features a canopy, links to toys, and calming vibrations and music. You can find it in a few different colors and sizes, so it’s easy to pick the right one for your family.

The Brica travel bassinet is a fantastic choice for air travel, and it’s easy to pack and take with you on any trip. The foldable design makes it ideal for car trips, too.