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Ac Valhalla Well Traveled

How to Unseal the Well in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla During the “Well-Traveled” Quest

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla takes players on an epic journey to Asgard, the legendary Norse realm. Here, players will meet many iconic figures from Norse mythology such as Thor and Loki.

Players arriving in Asgard will be assigned a “Well-Traveled” quest that takes them to the Well of Urdr. Situated deep underground, this small well can be tricky to navigate due to its small size. But what makes the Well so intriguing is that its door is guarded by an intriguing light puzzle which must be solved to open.

How to Unseal the Well in AC Valhalla’s ‘Well-Traveled’ Quest

As part of your ‘Well-Traveled’ quest, you must reach the Well of Urdr and collect some water. This can be a difficult task since you must ride your moose across an extensive area in order to get there.

The Well of Urdr is located in a dark cave, so be careful to avoid any poisonous arrows that may have been placed there. Furthermore, due to the thick green fog surrounding the well, visibility may be impaired – so bring plenty of water when you visit!

Once inside, you’ll notice there’s only one beam of light in the room. This could prove challenging as you need to hit two targets with it for accurate aim – something which may prove challenging with only one beam!

To open the Well of Urdr, you’ll need to direct a laser beam at two orbs located inside. One orb is close to the entrance while the second lies at the back.

To enter the well, you’ll need to first interact with the orb emitted by the first beam and move it to a platform on the left side of the cave. Doing this allows you to reposition the beam so it hits both orbs on its way towards you. Finally, point your beam at either orb located at the back of the cave – this will cause it to split into two pieces so you can enter.

Once that’s done, attach the laser beam to the second orb at the back of the cave and zigzagging it around to hit all of its mirrors. Now that’s sealed up tight, you can exit out onto Asgard and continue your journey there.

As with many puzzles in Assassin’s Creed, this one can be challenging to solve. You’ll likely need to try multiple times before getting it right and the game doesn’t provide clear instructions as to how everything works or what needs to be done; making it especially challenging if you’re also trying to finish the ‘Well-Traveled’ mission while solving this light puzzle.