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Xbox Series S Travel Case

Taking Your Xbox Series S With You on Your Next Trip

Are you searching for a way to take your Xbox Series S on vacation with you? There are a couple of solutions. One is using an xScreen, which connects directly to the console and makes it more portable. Alternatively, get a travel case specifically designed for your console which makes packing much simpler.

Review of Upspec Gaming’s Xbox Series S Travel Kit

Upspec Gaming offers an Xbox Series S travel kit that includes the console, an xScreen monitor and a protective case. This combination is highly sought-after if you plan to take your console on vacation or other excursions.

The $250 xScreen attaches to the back of your Xbox and takes up just one USB port, making it much easier to transport than if you had both console and separate screen attached, plus saves space by not needing an additional power supply.

By doing this, the Series S can be transported in a case that’s less than half its size and weighs only half as much. That means you can take your console along for long flights or visits to friends’ houses without worrying about having to lug around an unwieldy TV set.

Review of the xScreen | Upspec GAMING

The xScreen is a monitor that connects to your Xbox. While not the fastest monitor available, it offers excellent visuals and makes an ideal addition for any Xbox setup.

Despite its lightweight nature, the xScreen can get quite hot when turned on. To protect your console and monitor from damage, make sure that energy mode is enabled on your Xbox. This setting enables it to automatically shut down when not in use and help prevent damage to either monitor or console.

Another disadvantage to the xScreen is that it blocks the ethernet port on your console, meaning you must use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet if you want to download games or stream shows from your console. While this may only be a minor inconvenience, if you have your heart set on playing a specific game while traveling, then this might not be an issue for you.

SHBC Hard Carrying Case

Are you in search of a travel case made of Oxford fabric and EVA material, then the SHBC Hard Case is an ideal option. This large case can easily accommodate your console, two controllers, as well as other accessories.

It also features interior elastic straps to securely hold your console and controllers in place, plus three zippered compartments on the exterior for other items you might need to carry.

This case is ideal for casual gamers who like to take their console on trips or vacations. It also works well for people who work or study abroad, offering plenty of pockets and pouches for electronics and other belongings.

The Oxford fabric of this case is durable and stretchy, accommodating your Xbox Series S and accessories securely inside. Plus, it features an integrated handle as well as shoulder strap for convenient transportation.