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Dr Bronners Travel Size

Streamline Your Travel Toiletries With Dr Bronners Travel Size

Bring Dr. Bronners with You wherever Life Takes You

North America’s top selling natural soap comes in a convenient 59ml size, making it ideal for traveling light! Perfect for long holidays in the sun, weekend trips to the city or hiking in the Himalayas – this mini travel size allows you to leave all bulky bottles at home.

Dr Bronners is on a mission to be socially and environmentally responsible, which is why they collaborate with small-scale farmers around the world to produce their products. All of their ingredients are organic, vegan and all-natural.

These products are packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, offering an eco-friendly way to reduce waste and support the environment.

These highly concentrated liquid castile soaps were originally sold with a refreshing peppermint scent, but now come in an array of other fragrances such as unscented and tea tree. Perfect for cleaning hands and faces alike, these liquid soaps contain plenty of active ingredients so they need only be used sparingly for effective cleansing results.

This pure liquid castile soap is made with olive oil, coconut, palm, hemp and jojoba oils along with natural essential oils. Certified Fair Trade and organic, it contains no synthetic chemicals, dyes, preservatives or fragrances and is biodegradable.

The company’s philosophy is inspired by the life of Emanuel Bronner, who dedicated his lifetime to ending hatred and war to bring people together. This message is commemorated on their iconic label with its small script featuring his words in tiny script.