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St John Travel Forum

Traveling to Saint John, Virgin Islands – Why Use a Travel Forum?

Travel forums and websites can be an invaluable resource for finding answers to questions before planning a trip. Not only that, but they’re also the perfect place to ask questions and connect with other travelers looking for similar information.

St John is an idyllic island boasting stunning beaches, national park trails and wildlife viewing opportunities, delicious and affordable food, vibrant nightlife and friendly people from the US Virgin Islands. With a population of around 4000 residents, everyone knows each other and it’s easy to make friends with fellow visitors.

The Island’s laid-back culture is a major attraction for both visitors and locals. Locals appreciate living a simple life where time seems to stand still, allowing them to focus on family, friendships and health.

Saint John is renowned for its stunning beaches and some of the world’s best snorkeling. The Caribbean Sea is filled with hawksbill and green turtles, manta rays, sharks, dolphins and an endless school of fish.

Hiking is a major part of the island’s culture, offering plenty of trails to choose from. You can hike along the coastline, discover rainforests or follow scenic pathways through mountainous interior of the island.

For a more leisurely adventure, hike the 1.9-mile Leinster Bay Trail to Waterlemon Cay for snorkeling and stunning views of the island. If you’re an experienced hiker, try one of the other popular trails like Sugar Beach Trail.

Restaurants on the island offer a unique blend of traditional local cuisine, fresh sushi, organic green salads and grilled fish sandwiches. Most menus are healthy-focused, while many restaurants boast outdoor dining areas with stunning ocean views.

The Virgin Islands are one of the world’s most multicultural places, with more than two million tourists visiting annually. Here, many languages are spoken including English, French, Spanish and Virgin Islands Creole.

Before arriving in an unfamiliar region, it’s essential to learn the language. Not only will this facilitate communication with locals but it will give you a better insight into their culture as well. If unsure how to pronounce certain words or don’t speak the language fluently, consult an English-speaking guide or tour guide who can point you in the right direction.

When dining out, be sure to greet the person you are with by saying hello and offering a friendly smile before ordering anything. Doing this will demonstrate your warmth of welcome for them and likely result in an improved experience for all guests.

Clothing on the island is generally casual, with shorts and t-shirts acceptable for men and a sundress or cover up for women. There is a law in place that states men cannot appear bare-chested in public; thus, be sure to don either a shirt with collar or sundress when going out.