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Jar From Fortuna Lost Ark

How to Collect Jars From Fortuna in Lost Ark

In Fortuna Island, there are several quests that you can do. One of them is the Golden Jars quest. Completing this quest will earn you free Silver, Charisma, and Roster XP. However, you have to destroy three of these jars to get the reward.

Another collectible in Fortuna Island is the Mokoko Seeds. You can find over a thousand of these items scattered across the continents. Two of these can be found near breakable jars and vines hanging from a cliff. These are collectibles, so be sure to find them.

Aside from the jars, you can also obtain Island Tokens by completing certain tasks in Fortuna Island. Tokens are useful because they give players various benefits, such as Wooden Compass, Powerful Growth Potion, and Powerful Skill Potion. Besides, they can also be used to upgrade your characters. The Goblin Pandora Box is a good source for acquiring them. Alternatively, you can collect them by killing a dungeon boss.

As a treasure, the jars from Fortuna can help you in getting important rewards in the game. One of these is the golden jar, which has a higher chance of dropping the Fortuna Island Token. You can also gather Island Tokens from the 95 islands in Lost Ark.