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Fortune Teller Light Up Sign

Add a spooky flair to your Halloween party with the Fortune Teller Light Up Sign. It features an illuminated Crystal Ball in the center, eerie graphics, and a lightweight foamboard design with convenient plastic chain. The sign is 15.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall, and will be the perfect decoration for any party or trick-or-treating event. For safe keeping and transportation, the Fortune Teller Sign comes with its own carrying case.

The Fortune Teller Light Up Sign is the perfect addition to any Halloween party. Its eerie graphics and light up Crystal Ball make it a perfect Halloween decoration. It measures 15.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall and features a convenient plastic chain to hang it on a wall. The sign is a great addition to a haunted house, a cosplay party, or a Halloween theme party.

Fortune telling is a tradition that dates back to the ancient world. It was once used to forecast the harvest, chart the course of a newborn’s future, and even determine the outcome of wars. Over the years, fortune-telling has evolved and become accessible to a wider audience. In ancient times, fortune-tellers would look into a baby’s caul, a thin membrane located at the back of the mouth. They believed that the caul would reveal information about the child’s future.