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Famous People Born On July 19th

Famous People Born on July 19th

People born on July 19 are not your average mortals. They are actually quite smart, curious and observant. And the best part is that they take care of themselves. They are also very social and friendly. You may even be surprised to learn that they share a strong bond with their children.

The most important determinant in their overall health is their emotional well being. A healthy diet and regular exercise go a long way in keeping them feeling their best. It is also worth noting that the majority of July babes are not particularly athletic, but they can certainly do their share of jogging and walking.

While not as physically fit as they would like, they are very sociable. There are some notable exceptions, like the former Rolling Stones lead guitarist Mick Jagger.

As you might guess, July is a very popular month for celebrities to celebrate their birthdays. Some of the more notable names include Courtney Love, Toby Keith and Lindsay Lohan. Others less famous but more interesting are Brian May, Kaitlin Doubleday and Little Freddie King. Besides, there’s a good chance that a few of the above mentioned stars are the offspring of a celebrity parent or two. So, if you’re looking for a mate or a date, check out the July babes below.

One of the best things about having a July birthday is the opportunity to make a wish. I’m sure everyone born on this day has one or more wishes in their heart of hearts. Although I have no idea what those wishes are, I am able to guess that they might be anything but boring. For me, that means more time with family and more chances to play around with my kids. Also, with a month to spare, I’ll be able to catch a baseball game and spend some quality time with my wife and daughter. This will keep me happy and healthy.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I won’t still be working for a living! But at least I won’t be getting suckered into something that will leave me in a tizzy. On the plus side, I’ll get to see my favorite artists live in concert and at a reasonable price. Plus, if I’m not able to go on a road trip this summer, I can always work from home.