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When Can I Wear A Normal Bra After Breast Augmentation

The question of when can I wear a normal bra after breast augmentation is a common one. No matter if you had a lift, or a reduction, you can still wear a non-underwired breast bra after surgery. You can wear a normal bra for the first two weeks following the operation. A normal bra can be worn at night, and a compression bra in the day. You should avoid wearing an underwired bra for more than four weeks following surgery.

The first six weeks following a breast augmentation surgery are critical, as without support, your implants may slip and dislocate. Your plastic surgeon will determine the exact time frame at which you can go braless. If your surgery is performed within this six-week period, however, you can wear a regular bra for the rest of the time. However, you should not rush to buy new bras until your recovery is complete. A compression bra is essential to support your breasts, and prevent sagging.

The type of breast augmentation you had depends on how long it takes to heal. Silicone and saline implants take a long time to settle and may require at least a month before you can wear a regular bra. The procedure may take longer if you choose a smooth-shape or round silicone implant. Wearing a bra before the implants have settled is risky because the breast will end up looking asymmetrical.

After breast augmentation, it is important to wear a compression bra. It will help to stabilize the breasts and prevent asymmetry. During the first few months, you will need to wear a compression bra with a bra that’s a size smaller than your natural breast size. It’s also important to wear a sports bra after breast augmentation so you can protect your new breasts from rotation.

Shopping for a new wardrobe is one of the most exciting things after breast augmentation. While you’ll be excited to get started shopping, it’s best to wait until you’ve recovered and your breasts have settled. You’ll be able to wear a normal bra once you’ve healed from surgery. To find out your exact size, consult your surgeon.

You can also wear a medical compression bra after breast augmentation. These bras do not have underwires and keep wound dressings in their place. They also limit movement of the implant. The compression bra protects your breasts and promotes healing. It’s also much more comfortable than a sports bra, so you won’t feel uncomfortable. Your surgeon will give you instructions on how long you can wear the medical compression bra after breast augmentation.