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Cherokee Travel Trailer

The Cherokee Travel Trailer by Forest River

Forest River’s Cherokee travel trailer is one of the most sought-after RV models. Its versatility and comfort make it perfect for families seeking an enjoyable road trip experience.

The Cherokee line offers over 15 floorplans suitable for all kinds of families. Each model is engineered to deliver superior comfort and style so you and yours can have a relaxing vacation experience.

There are a range of optional packages and features you can add onto the RV to make sure your trip is as comfortable as possible. These include a Chef Select black stainless steel kitchen suite, USB charging stations, and an impressive entertainment center, just to name a few.

In addition to all these features, the Cherokee travel trailer also comes equipped with a variety of extra safety measures designed to give you and your family a worry-free trip! Common safety components include a backup camera, scare light and armored underbelly tank enclosure that protects against road debris or colder weather conditions.

Standard Features in a Cherokee Travel Trailer

Every Cherokee RV comes equipped with a backup camera system. This allows you to see what’s behind you as you sleep, so that you can take steps to prevent any potential incidents. This feature is especially beneficial when camping out in unfamiliar areas as it provides an added layer of security and peace of mind while camping out.

Additionally, each Cherokee model comes equipped with an impressive 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit that will keep you and your loved ones cool in any climate. With such powerful cooling capacity, it’s sure to keep everyone comfortable no matter the season.

Every Cherokee model comes equipped with an armored underbelly tank enclosure. This safeguard helps protect your vehicle when towing or storing the RV.

The 2022 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH is an excellent example of this protection. It comes complete with a porch scare light and evergreen mattress to keep you and your family secure from intruders.

Other standard safety features in a Cherokee RV include an emergency cool air dump and large exterior canopy for shade. These features can help keep you and your family cool on hot summer days and even allow for outdoor picnics.

Aside from these features, each Cherokee model also comes with multiple slide-outs to maximize storage space. These slides enable you to store more items inside the trailer, making it simpler for you to organize your belongings while traveling.

Cherokee travel trailers also come equipped with features like a rearview mirror, an awning and power stabilizer jack for extra safety when out and about. All these items make traveling with your RV much safer – providing peace of mind while staying secure while away from home.