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2002 Scamp Travel Trailer

2002 Scamp Travel Trailer

If you’re searching for a trailer that is reliable, convenient and economical, the 2002 scamp travel trailer may be just what the doctor ordered. These small egg-shaped campers are renowned for being easy to manoeuvre and tow with ease; making them an ideal choice during autumn and spring camping when weather can be cold and unpleasant.

Scamp is a manufacturer of lightweight trailers, boasting an aerodynamic design for high fuel efficiency and minimal weight for easy towing. These units can be towed by nearly any vehicle – cars or trucks included!

Maintaining a Scamp is simple, as they’re built to last without needing major repairs for decades. Furthermore, Scamps are easily customizable with features like awnings, air conditioning, and hardwood interiors that make them stand out.

Scamp is a family-owned company, boasting an exceptional customer service team. You can shop for parts and accessories online or visit their website to speak with a live representative, no matter where you are in the world.

In fact, if you can’t make it out to Minnesota to pick up your new Scamp, they will deliver it for you!

13ft, 16ft and 19ft ranges offer various models. Standard and deluxe options are available with five floor plans to choose from in each case, while the deluxe all wood model can be customized to your preference with as many or few features as desired.