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Tiktok Time Traveler 2027 Debunked

TikTok Time Traveler 2027 Debunk

TikTok user Javier from Spain has made headlines after claiming to be from 2027 and uploading videos showing deserted streets, empty restaurants and even an unmanned clothing store – and claiming that humans have become extinct – while many viewers believe his claims. Others however have pointed out evidence against it.

Javier’s videos have amassed over three million views. But, he isn’t the first person to make such dramatic claims on TikTok; another user named Edward (no last name given) also claimed to be from the future, showing videos depicting what appears to be an underwater Los Angeles due to climate change flooding and garnering over 1.5 million followers through TikTok accounts based on these claims.

His videos have garnered millions of views; however, they have failed to convince many of his followers. Many have called on him to provide more evidence; one user suggested using music from 2021 and another asked for something made after 2021 as proof. Others have pointed out that red car was absent in his night-time version and there hasn’t been any music created by him from 2021 either; another red flag is that no music has come out since.

Javier’s claims may be entertaining, but they don’t appear convincing. First of all, his videos contain numerous spelling and grammar errors that give away his credibility; furthermore some photos appear multiple times making them look suspicious; lastly his videos appear very pixelated possibly due to an app compressing their files.

Furthermore, several elements in his videos indicate their falsity: there is no water present in his depictions of flooding cities, buildings appear empty, and people do not appear in them; plus some of the signs such as footprints in the sand don’t make sense when taking into account that he hails from the future.