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Navigator Research

Navigator Research Resources

Navigator Research was founded in response to the election of Donald Trump. Founders of the group saw the rapid news cycle and messaging vacuum created by the Trump presidency and wanted to help the left gain ground. They started releasing monthly reports on messaging and research. Today, Navigator’s reports are a great resource for progressives and Democrats alike.

CCTS/CRSO Research Project Navigator

The CCTS Clinical Research Support Program (CCTS CRSP) offers funding to support clinical research. Additionally, the UAB School of Public Health’s Survey Research Unit provides leadership and support for the clinical research team. The Pittsburgh Clinical and Translational Science Institute also supports clinical research. The CCTS CRSP has several resources to help you start, complete, and conduct your studies. These resources will help you meet all of your research needs, from recruiting participants to implementing and monitoring your study.

ICTR Research Project Navigator

The ICTR is a collaborative program that focuses on translating basic science discoveries into clinical trials for human health. It provides a variety of resources and consultation to researchers to ensure that their studies succeed. The goal is to accelerate the discovery of new therapies and treatments by bridging the gap between basic and clinical research.

As part of its mission, the ICTR connects scientists, physicians, and other health professionals to support the development and conduct of high-impact research. It provides training in the research process and helps researchers develop their projects and apply for funding. ICTR also provides assistance during the proposal submission process and post-award activities.

The ICTR also provides training and infrastructure to support the development of clinical trials with a non-traditional design. It is an innovative clinical trial resource program that supports the goals of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). It is designed to support the development of innovative clinical trials.

BU CTSI Research Project Navigator

The BU CTSI Research Project Navigator is available to help researchers at the University of Boston with the complex process of conducting research. This service provides comprehensive research management, administrative and regulatory support to efficiently run translational clinical trials. It will build collaborative relationships within the BU/BMC clinical research community, advocating for the needs of researchers and identifying resources to ensure timely completion of projects. The navigator will also advocate for institutional policies and procedures and facilitate collaboration between researchers and other university departments.

A CTSI Research Project Navigator can guide researchers through the process of conducting a study and can provide guidance, linkages, and concierge services. They can also provide research teams with an overview of the available CTSI resources and help them optimize recruitment plans. Additionally, they can help investigators integrate Special Populations into their studies.

The BU CTSI is a collaborative partnership between Boston University and Boston Medical Center that was founded in 2008. It is funded by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). It provides tools and services to clinical investigators to ensure the success of their studies. The CTSI is committed to improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations.

ITM Research Project Navigator

The ITM is an organization that makes discoveries in medical research and translates them into patient applications as quickly as possible. The institute brings together experts from academia, basic science, and clinical informatics to create a unique platform for interaction. The ITM has two primary goals: to improve patient care and accelerate the speed of discovery of new medical treatments.

ITM Platform enables organizations to manage their projects, programs, and portfolios with ease and speed. It provides unlimited storage space and a fully integrated system with dashboards, key indicators, and reports. It also allows users to manage projects in multiple perspectives and cascade them. This helps them to identify gaps and make better informed decisions.

The company uses proprietary protein engineering to select an Affilin (r)-targeting molecule, which can be used to treat cancer. The drug will also deplete CAFs, which are a key component of the tumor microenvironment. These cells play a crucial role in maintaining the barrier that prevents immune cells from infiltrating tumor cells. The collaboration between ITM and Navigo will combine ITM’s expertise in targeted radionuclide therapies with Navigo’s expertise in protein engineering.