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Goyard Travel Suitcase

Goyard Travel Suitcase

Are you in search of a travel suitcase that will serve both as a fashion statement and practical piece of luggage? Look no further than Goyard travel luggage; not only can this designer bag look good while being practical and durable resale value remains high.

Goyard stands out in the world of luxury handbags and trunks as an unsung hero, enjoying an excellent reputation for exclusivity and quality that has won it over fashionistas worldwide.

Goyard dates its roots back to 1792 with House of Martin, which specialized in trunk-making for French travelers. When Morel, its founder died and left his business to Francois Goyard as an apprentice who revolutionized its aesthetics.

Under his direction, Goyard became synonymous with craftsmanship and exclusivity, rapidly becoming one of the world’s premier luxury leather goods brands. Nowadays, its bags have become status symbols passed down through generations – each becoming an heirloom that will only become more valuable over time.

Brand is widely known for their iconic chevron design and line of bags crafted with goyardine canvas – an innovative material composed of natural coated cloth, cotton and hemp which allows the brand to create custom patterns on each piece.

Although Goyard bags often come in black and white colors, you’ll also find vibrant brights or charming pastels to suit any wardrobe and need. Select one to complement your ensemble before finding one in style that meets them both.

If you travel frequently, investing in a Goyard travel suitcase would be wise. Not only is its timeless elegance guaranteed to last forever; its long-term durability ensures peace of mind during every adventure.

From retail or secondhand options, Goyard travel suitcases can range in price from $500 for small styles up to over $1000 for larger ones depending on its design, color, print and condition.

Goyard tote bags are lightweight and fold up flat for convenient travel, perfect for carrying all your belongings at once. Perfect for busy women and world travelers!

Personalize your Goyard bag using the Marquage Design Tool, which allows you to add a monogram or custom image. This personalization process sets Goyard apart from its competitors while deepening intimacy of ownership of one of their bags.

Goyard stands out from other designer brands by producing bags that are hand-painted by artists – adding an extra touch of luxury and exclusivity.