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6 Is 30 Percent Of What Number

What percentage is six times thirty percent? You may have heard this question before, but it’s not a very good one. In order to know whether 6 is 30 percent of a number, you need to know how to write the answer. First, multiply the total value by the number. Now, multiply the top number by the bottom number to convert it to a decimal. To get the percentage, multiply the decimal number by 100.

A common divisor is 6, so you can divide 12 by 6 and get the answer: six is thirty percent of eighty-six. Similarly, a number like six is thirty percent of a number like 20. You should know that two-thirds of a number is twenty, so 6×20 is two-thirds of the number twenty-one. A number that is one-half the size of one hundred is also one half of six.

Decimal percents are simple to understand. Simply multiply by the number of decimal places. If six is thirty per cent of one hundred, then thirty percent is thirty per cent of eighty. The same holds true for two-thirds (or 100) of the number twenty-two. For example, if 80 percent of thirty students own cell phones, that would mean that there are 21.6 mobile phones per student.