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Travel Infusion Nurse Jobs

Travel Infusion Nurse Jobs

If you enjoy traveling and meeting new people, a travel infusion nurse job could be perfect for you. This nursing specialty offers great pay, varied assignments and the chance to travel across America. In this article we’ll outline more details of this profession as well as its potential advantages.

Beginning a Travel Infusion Nurse Job

The first step toward becoming a travel infusion nurse is earning your nursing degree and passing the NCLEX. Both options provide excellent training to launch your travel nurse career.

Some travel nurses choose to specialize in one specific field such as oncology or pediatrics. Others opt for a more generalist career path as an ER/ICU nurse. No matter which path is taken, IV skills will always come in handy as you gain bedside experience preparing yourself for life as an infusion travel nurse.

Travel infusion nurse jobs provide many exciting challenges. Some assignments may focus on chemotherapy, antibiotics, steroids or vitamin infusions while others could involve administering blood transfusions. You’ll likely work closely with physicians and healthcare providers to ensure proper vascular access placement and medication usage.

Peripheral IV line issues are generally straightforward for nurses to manage. Most can install one quickly if they are experienced at it; for those with difficult veins however, finding suitable veins to start treatment may prove more challenging; thankfully many infusion nurses possess expert techniques for quickly finding suitable ones.

Central venous port issues are more complicated and can be frustrating even for experienced infusion nurses. Sometimes a central venous port becomes clotted, prompting you to use de-clotting agents or even reposition the patient in order to unblock it; other times it could become infected, necessitating antifungal medication to be administered via its central line.

Mobile IV therapy companies, an emerging industry that brings IV treatments directly into patients’ homes, are another form of infusion nursing that may provide fast relief from cold/flu symptoms and hangovers. Their nurses must be knowledgeable of all available therapies while having exceptional customer service skills in order to interact with customers, schedule appointments and maintain medical records on each individual patient.