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Can You Wear Earbuds With A Tragus Piercing

Can you wear earbuds with a Tragas piercing? Yes, but you need to wait until the piercing is completely healed. It may take six to eight weeks to heal completely, and you should avoid wearing earbuds for a few weeks after your procedure. Avoid wearing earbuds that have a Tragas piercing on them until they are fully healed. Otherwise, the headphones could cause infection or damage. It is also best to consult your piercer before using headphones. You might not be ready for this extra stress, and you could make your tragus piercing heal a bit faster than it should.

You can wear earbuds that have a Tragas piercing if you are a musician. However, you should avoid cheap jewelry that contains nickel. You can also use platinum or 14 karat, which are non-allergenic and have a similar look to stainless steel. You should wait at most three months before wearing any type earbuds that have a Tragas piercing.

In order to protect your Tragas piercing, you should use light jewelry that won’t press on it. In-ear headphones are best as they don’t place pressure on your Tragus. Clip-on headphones are also available. If you have a close tragus piercing, you can also opt for clip-on headphones.

If you don’t want to wear earbuds that have a Tragas piercing on them, you can still use headphones with Tragas piercings. However, you must be careful as it can cause trauma to your tragus piercing. If you have a new tragus piercing, avoid headphones or switch to earbuds.

When wearing earbuds with a tragas piercing, make sure to use earbuds with a flat disc or bead backing. To make the hole sparkle, you can also use a small charm or gemstone to complement your tragas stud. A small straight barbell can also be used as a tragas stud.

Wearing earbuds that have a tragas piercing should be cleaned with soap and water. Do not forget to wash your hands before cleaning your ears. If you don’t want fluid to build up in your ear canal, you can disinfect your earbuds using rubbing alcohol. You should also clean the tip of your earsbuds as it could contain bacteria or other fluid.

This piercing is a popular choice among Gen Z. If not done correctly, the piercing could easily become infected. You should also wait six weeks before wearing heavy jewelry or headphones. You should avoid infection by using a smaller bar during the first few months following the tragus piercing procedure.