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Amazon Research Scientist Salary

Amazon Research Scientist Salary

Amazon Research Scientist salaries range from $55,000 to $137,500 depending on location, experience, and more. The salary can also differ depending on the specific job role and the years of experience. Listed below are the average starting and base salaries for full-time Research Scientists. The base salary for a Research Scientist at Amazon can be up to $25,000.

Average base salary

The average base salary of an Amazon Research Scientist is $62,461. Salary ranges from $25,537 to $116,796 based on years of experience and location. For an Amazon Research Scientist, this salary range is considerably higher than the national average. To find the highest paying jobs in the field, it is important to compare salaries in different locations.

The top-paying city for an Amazon Research Scientist is Atkinson, NE. The second and third-highest-paying cities are Bolinas, CA, and San Francisco, CA, with salaries of up to $22,242 above the national average. These cities are also home to some of the best-paid Research Scientists in the US, including researchers at Netflix and University of Akron.

An Amazon Research Scientist salary is based on full-time experience, location, and other factors. It varies from $86,312 per year to $156,575 per year. Salaries will be higher if you have a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Data Science and Machine Learning or a related field, and if you have a strong mathematical and programming background.

Amazon also pays its employees well. According to a survey by Business Insider, research scientists are the most sought-after employees. A research scientist at the company can earn between $122,000 and $300,000 based on experience and location. The company is also hiring for software developers, data scientists, business analysts, and salespeople. The highest-paid employees at Amazon earn up to $185,000 a year.

Amazon research scientists make an average base salary of $164,114. The salary for this position varies based on the team size and project. The role requires data analysis and design, and includes management responsibilities. Most Amazon research scientists have at least a Master’s degree. Those with less than four years of experience are considered entry-level data scientists. A data scientist with four to seven years of experience is called a L4 and earns an average base salary of $164,000 per year.

Amazon also offers generous benefits and a generous yearly bonus. An Amazon research scientist salary is comparable to those of many Silicon Valley tech companies. The company also offers a livable wage and provides equity grants to new hires. However, if you are in the United States, you may need to look elsewhere.

IBM is another company that has invested heavily in its people. It has acquired open source software company Red Hat for $34 billion and bet big on artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud. Now, the company is reinventing itself and adding new engineering talent. It is hiring engineers in AI, cloud, and strategy. In addition, it is hiring digital strategists and consulting talent. IBM’s top employees can make up to $335,000 a year.

Average starting salary

A Research Scientist at Amazon makes an average of $41.4K per year. While this average salary can vary significantly, it generally falls between $20.0 and $80.0 per hour. It also varies based on experience, location, bonuses, and benefits. To find out more about Amazon’s salary range, read on.

The Amazon Research Scientist job market is very active in Chicago, IL. The median salary of a Research Scientist in Chicago is $89,132 per year, which is $2,595 higher than the national average. It ranks in the top 1% of salaries among all 50 states. Salary data is based on ZipRecruiter’s analysis of millions of local job postings across the United States.

Starting salaries vary significantly. Entry-level researchers typically have fewer than four years of experience. Typically, they are pursuing a master’s degree in a relevant field. Those who have four to seven years of experience are considered mid-level researchers. They might have additional titles, such as Data Scientist II. These researchers typically earn between $164,000 and $225,000 a year.

For software engineers, the average starting salary ranges from $160,000 to $232,259. A vice president of engineering can earn up to $450,000 per year. A senior vice president recently took home a salary of $650,000 per year. Google has aggressively built its workforce to compete with larger cloud rivals.