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Purple People Eater Costume

How to Make a Purple People Eater Costume

If you’re looking to do a bit of costume decorating for Halloween, one of the best options is to make your own Purple People Eater costume. This infamous Disney villain will be sure to impress your friends, and you can get it made for less than $50! But if you’re short on time or creativity, here are a few homemade Purple People Eater costume ideas to keep you in the Halloween spirit.

The Purple People Eater is an animatronic that stalks the woods in search of children or adults to eat. He can be found in the movie Monsters Inc. and in the song “The Purple People Eater.” His lust for human meat is a hunger that is insatiable. However, he does not want to eat you. So, he instead tries to drag you into the woods to feed on you. As for how to make your own Purple People Eater costume, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

You can use a purple sweatshirt to create a Purple People Eater costume. You’ll need some scissors and safety pins. Make sure you position the safety pins inside the hood, so that they don’t show through the purple fur. For a more realistic look, you can also add balloon sticks to the costume.

You can also get a few items at your local dollar store. Many costume makers will use dollar store items in professional shows. To save money, you can purchase large plastic salad bowls, which are perfect for your Purple People Eater. Cover the bowls with fake purple fur. Alternatively, you can use some black fleece fabric and cut out an oval shape. Once you’ve shaped the oval, you’ll need to tie thin strips together in the center to form a web. Adding some battery operated tea lights will make your costume glow, adding to the overall “wow factor.”

One way to keep your child safe while in costume is to add glow sticks to their hair and face. This will also help keep them from falling. Battery-operated tea lights are especially useful if you’re making a homemade Purple People Eater costume for a child who likes to play outside.

Another option for making your own Purple People Eater costume is to buy a Halloween costume. If you want a more authentic look, consider purchasing a corset and stockings from your local Halloween costume store. In addition, you’ll need a pair of black leggings, a black dress, a purple cape, red poms, and black or red high heels. Alternatively, you could purchase a costume from a reputable online or offline retailer.

If you’re not skilled at sewing, you can purchase a retail style tag gun from a fabric store. If you don’t have a tag gun, you can purchase a tin or can of safety pins from your local craft or hardware store. Using a tin or can can give your child’s costume a finished look that can last a long time.