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Amber Dawn Landin

Amber Dawn Landin – A Woman of Many Relationships

Amber Dawn Landin is a woman with many complicated and difficult relationships. She has been married to two troublesome men, the first of whom was Yngwie, a heavy metal legend. Amber Dawn Landin claimed that she survived four to five accidental drug overdoses. She also attempted suicide by cutting her wrist with a razor blade. Although it is not clear if Landin is still married or not, she is well-known for her rage against men.

Amber Dawn Landin’s history of relationships is incredibly complicated. She’s married twice in her life and is currently in a drug addiction treatment program. Her first marriage ended when Yngwie asked her autograph. The couple divorced in 1992, but they had two children together. Amber Dawn Landin has also been divorced twice and remarried two times. Her life is full of scandals as she is currently being treated for drug addiction.

The second man that she has dated was Yngwie Malmsteen, whom she met in 1992. They formed a stronger bond during their two months together. She was then introduced to the singer as the mistress Seven. She is of Latin, American Indian and Scotch Irish heritage. She spent time in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Tent City for extreme DUI and felony endangerment.

April is April’s husband, and the romance between Landin & Malmsteen is over. They were married for three-years and have two children. Despite this, Amber Dawn Landin and Yngwie have had a turbulent relationship. During their time together, the couple had a SWAT-team standoff, but their relationship has been more stable since. This is because Landin met Malmsteen at a Phoenix bar, where they stayed for six years. They even wrote a song together titled “Prisoner of Your Love”.