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Amplifier Research

Amplifier Research Amplifiers

Amplifier Research makes self-contained RF amplifiers that are ideal for laboratory applications. These units offer instantaneous bandwidth and high gain. They are also capable of operation into any load impedance. They deliver 150 watts of swept power. These amplifiers are available in a wide range of configurations and can handle a wide range of input and output power.

Model 150A100B

The Model 150A100B amplifier has been developed for research purposes. It is designed for in-vitro imaging and includes a 1-MHz FUS transducer triggered by a function generator and a power amplifier. The transducer is housed inside a support, which moves vertically and horizontally to set the focal zone length.

Model 60S1G3

The Model 60S1G3 amplifier was designed to demonstrate the effects of frequency and power on amplifier performance. The high-quality device has excellent linearity and low spurious signals. This makes it an ideal driver amplifier for wireless components and communication subsystems. It can also cover multiple frequency bands. This makes it suitable for testing various communication technologies and EMC test applications.

The amplifier’s control functions are available remotely via GPIB/IEEE-488, RS-232 hardwire, fiber optic, USB, and Ethernet. The amplifier is equipped with a bus interface connector on the back panel. In addition, there is a Local/Remote switch on the front panel, which ensures positive control of the amplifier.

A 15-W GaN device is used to design the amplifier. The simulated small-signal intrinsic-drain voltage and current waveforms reveal a prominent second-harmonic component. This effect is easily observed by adjusting the second-harmonic termination. A shortened second harmonic is expected to improve the lower IMD3 tone while retaining the upper tone.

A UTO feedback network is employed in the amplifier for suppressing power spectral density of the inter-component carrier guard bands. This feedback network is not included in conventional amplifier designs. The critical out-of-band region is approximately 25 MHz wide and extends 30 MHz from either end.

The PA characterisation is carried out in a variety of conditions. In addition to CW excitation, it has also been tested in a shorted baseband condition. It also features a 9-pole lower tone optimising feedback network. In the shorted baseband condition, it exhibits comparable performance to simulation results and previous experience with the family of devices.

The Model 60S1G3 is an air-cooled, solid-state amplifier designed for high-gain, wide-bandwidth applications. It is ideal for benchtop use. It also has front-panel gain control. It is capable of producing up to 80 watts of RF power.

The transfer function has a significant influence on overall linearity. The transfer function was optimized for one tone spacing, but it suffers from non-optimal terminations at other baseband frequencies. Its performance in backoff is degraded compared to passively terminated designs. In fact, it shows lower IMD3 and PAE compared to the passively terminated model. The introduction of a baseband feedback network does not affect the output power, but it results in a three-percentage-point degradation in PAE.

Model 10,000A225

The Amplifier Research Model 10,000A225 is a self-contained solid state amplifier that is ideal for applications that require high gain and instantaneous bandwidth. It features a compact, liquid-cooled design and uses Push-pull LDMOS circuitry in high power stages to reduce distortion and improve stability. It also includes a color LCD touch screen for status reporting.

Model 30W1000B

The 30W1000B amplifier from Amplifer Research is a portable, air-cooled RF amplifier for applications that require high gain and instantaneous bandwidth. It features push-pull circuitry in its high-power stages, which reduces distortion and improves stability. It has a front-panel gain control that lets the user control the output power.

The W Series from Amplifier Research is a complete family of ultra-broadband solid state amplifiers providing linear operation over 100KHZ to 1000MHz. These amplifiers are conservatively rated at 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 watts, but deliver high-quality performance with instantaneous bandwidth, flat output, and immune to worst-case load mismatch. The 30W1000B is part of the W Series.