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Amp Research Power Step Problems

AMP Research PowerStep Problems

If you’ve purchased an AMP Research power step and noticed that it’s making a lot of noise, or retracting too far, or shaking when you step off, it might be time to contact AMP Research. This isn’t an uncommon problem, and it’s typically a simple fix. In many cases, the problem is simply with the power supply. Unfortunately, some of these power steps don’t come with a warranty, and you won’t be covered under the three-year policy.

They retract too far

The driver’s side board of an Amp Research Power Step sometimes gets stuck underneath the truck, causing it to not open. This is a major pain to try and fix yourself. If you’ve experienced this problem, you’re not alone. This is a common problem with power steps. The AMP Research Power Step’s retracting too-far problem can be caused by one of a few problems, including a defective module, a sticky contact point on the driver’s side board, or retraction of the side board. If this happens, you could get trapped underneath your truck.

Typically, the problem starts with the power supply. If you think you may have a problem with the power supply, you should contact AMP Research to have them look at it. This is a common problem that happens with power steps, but it can be fixed easily.

The AMP Research Power Step can extend up to 13″ from your vehicle. This allows you to get into your vehicle in a more ergonomic position, but it also allows you to maintain the vehicle’s ground clearance. The retracting feature also helps keep the steps’ top surfaces cleaner than static step bars.

They shake

If your AMP Research power steps are shaking, there are several possible causes. These include rough or slippery surfaces, faulty polarity-connected diodes, and a poor connection. Thankfully, many of these problems are fairly simple to fix. To fix them, just follow the steps outlined below.

While it is unlikely that your AMP Research power steps will ever stop working, it is possible that they’ll experience some issues once in a while. Fortunately, these problems are relatively minor, and usually stem from bad maintenance or general wear and tear. The most common problems involve mud, snow, and ice, but even so, many of the company’s power steps will experience these problems from time to time.

They are not covered by a three-year warranty

AMP Research covers PowerStep problems under a limited warranty of five years or 60,000 miles. The warranty does not cover problems caused by misuse, abuse, or improper installation. In addition, it does not cover incidental or consequential damages. The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser.

AMP Research makes products that are simple and straightforward, addressing some of the issues associated with traditional running boards. Unlike traditional running boards, the AMP Research PowerStep automatically retracts beneath the vehicle when not in use, allowing it to rest close to the vehicle when not in use. Moreover, the product is protected by a five-year warranty, which covers shipping fees.