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Anna Travel Bag Playset Frozen 2

Anna Travel Bag Playset – Awe-Inspiring Details For Frozen 2 Fans

Disney’s Anna takes center stage with help from Elsa in this highly themed playset. Assemble the clever opening book with colorful LEGO(r) bricks and watch the adventure begin! Not only does this set encourage children’s creative side, but it also helps them practice important skills like problem-solving and attention to detail.

It’s a surefire hit!

The Anna travel bag playset promises an exhilarating adventure from beginning to end.
This amazing playset from Disney features an engaging opening book, two LEGO(r) bricks and two mini figures – perfect for any Disney fan to cherish for years to come. But the best part? Kids can assemble it themselves! Truly remarkable is this highly themed playset’s impressive feat: kids will be able to assemble it themselves!
This combination of LEGO(r) and Disney elements has been engineered for the best of both worlds. This playset not only entertains, but it’s also educational; teaching your child about the wonder of the hula hoop while encouraging the next generation of tech aficionados to show off their coding abilities with this cool gadget.