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Amex Travel Review – A Review of the Amex Travel Rewards Program

Amex Travel is a travel portal that lets you search for flights, hotels, vacation packages, rental cars and cruises. While this program can be beneficial to those seeking to save time and money on travel purchases, an Amex card with high rewards rates on travel purchases is necessary in order to take full advantage of its full capabilities.

Flights and Hotels

Amex travel portal works similarly to other online travel agencies and portals in that it allows users to search for flights by airport or city, dates, and number of passengers. It also highlights deals and perks associated with each airline and hotel. Unlike other sites, Amex won’t find you the cheapest airfare, but it’s still worth taking a look to see if there’s anything special going on for your trip.

Hotel Collection

Are you a frequent traveler? Amex Travel offers several hotel collections for frequent travelers to choose from, including The Hotel Collection and Fine Hotels and Resorts. These offer perks like free breakfast, WiFi access and airport lounge access. Plus, when using your Amex card to pay for your stay, they will earn additional points and a bonus!

Best Value

The amax travel site also provides discount codes and coupon codes, which can save you up to 50% on your next hotel booking. Use them for a one-time stay or save them up for use on another vacation.

Points and Redemption Options

American Express’ rewards programs are renowned for their travel-focused rewards, yet the travel portal’s offerings are less than stellar when it comes to non-travel redemptions. Even the most lucrative point transfer options only yield around 1 cent per point compared to 1.5 or more for the same reward from Chase Ultimate Rewards program.

Thankfully, Amex Travel concierge provides some of the best customer service around if you have any issues during your trip. If your Amex card has a premium travel insurance program, they can assist with finding a new hotel room and getting on another flight in case of delays or cancellations. They even have an extensive travel policy guide and breakdown of what perks are actually provided – which may come in handy if unfamiliar with all the benefits provided by your Amex card.