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The Average Man Does Not Want To Be Free

Generally speaking, the average man does not want to be free. He would rather be secure and follow the rules and expectations of his society. This is why he is so complacent. His safety is at the expense of his freedom. He accepts that others have complete authority over him in return. And he is happy to do so. He may not want to be free.

If freedom is threatened, the average man would most likely choose safety over freedom. The movie Fahrenheit 451 vividly depicts the dangers and benefits of freedom. Despite the many benefits of freedom, the average man will always choose safety over freedom. This does not mean freedom isn’t worth fighting for. It’s worth recognizing that freedom is a necessary component of human nature.

Mencken relates this paradox to our society today. Mencken argues that the average man doesn’t want to be free but wants to be secure. This quote is contrary to our common belief that we should be free and safe at the same time. Although freedom can lead to a sense of security, it cannot be pursued without fear. Some people find freedom too risky. For others, however, it is worth taking the risk.

Mencken makes a powerful argument in this quote, observing that the average man does not want to be free. In a society that values safety over freedom, people choose to live a life of safety. This is true socially as well as politically. People seek acceptance from others and their own selves, but the result is a life of unsatisfying safety. This may seem strange, but it is true for many people today.

For some, freedom means a sense of independence. However, freedom does not necessarily mean that he can live anywhere he likes. Freedom can be as simple as having your own apartment or car. Freedom is the ultimate in self-expression, but freedom requires a great mind. Freedom requires the ability to believe in greater things and not give up when faced with obstacles. But everyone can be free if they are willing to work hard for it.

But what is freedom without safety? In a dystopian novel like Fahrenheit 451, the characters struggle between freedom and safety. In the first novel, Montag seeks safety and conformity, but after meeting Clarisse, his attitude changes. Montag becomes free and able to express himself. In this novel, the author calls himself a free man but it is far from the average person’s ideal.