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Fortunes Keep Map

Warzone Maps – Fortunes Keep

The Fortunes Keep map adds a new play area to the game. It has two new events: the Black Market Supply Run Contact and the Cash Extraction event. These events can help you get powerful loot. There are many ways to make money on this map, no matter if you’re a professional or a rookie.

The Fortunes Keep map features plenty of elevation changes and players must be able to judge when to take high ground and retreat low. There are several ways to get high ground in the map, including climbing vines on the Keep or neighboring buildings, or vaulting rooftops. Regardless of the method, it is a good idea to study the map thoroughly.

The Fortunes Keep map looks similar to Rebirth island, but it is smaller in scale. It contains the same number POIs (points of interest), but it hints at a different criminal history and criminal activity. The map is divided into three sections: the Keep, the Gatehouse, and the Mansion. The buildings and courtyards are similar to Rebirth Island, but the layout is very different.

The map was released alongside Warzone Season 4 and includes several Easter Eggs. It features Mediterranean-inspired architecture and twisting sea caves. In addition, it also includes the new “Mercenaries of Fortune” mode. Although this mode is slightly different, it has proven to be very popular with the community.

The Fortune’s Keep map’s loot is another important feature. The map contains loot piles of shovels, wine glasses, weapons, and gold. The gold outlines will unlock secrets and allow you to perform free self-revives. The map has its challenges.

Although the Fortune’s Keep map may not be new, it is still very different from the other maps in this game. For one thing, it’s much smaller than the Caldera BR map and has a similar number of players. It’s not large at all, but it’s smaller than most of the Rebirth playlists.

Another new feature in the Fortune’s Keep map is the incorporation of the resurgence-style gameplay mechanics. While Rebirth Island has been an integral part of the Resurgence meta, Fortune’s Keep has twice as many landmarks, which makes it a more challenging map to play on. Rebirth Island is not included in the Fortune’s Keep map. However, this comparison is only based on a 500ft scale.

Hidden challenges are another feature of Fortune’s Keep. The player must find two wine bottles spread across the map, and light three candles in a room hidden behind a bookcase. After they have done this, an audio cue will prompt them to pay respects to a tombstone. The photo above shows the tombstone located near a fountain. When the player kills the zombie, they’ll be awarded with a self-reviving item.

Other locations on the map are available for players to drop items. One of these locations is the Winery. It isn’t as powerful as the other drop locations, but it’s still beneficial. It has buildings loaded with loot and cellars that allow players to regroup. The Winery is also an excellent choice if you don’t want to be involved in intense battles.