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What Makes The Main Character Sneeze Gullivers Travels

What Makes the Main Character Sneeze Gulliver Travels?

What Makes the Main Character Sneeze Gulliver Travels?

In the novel, Gulliver sneezes when he is feeling anxious or stressed. This is likely because he is constantly in an unfamiliar environment, where people are not familiar with him and his family. Additionally, he is often unable to communicate with those around him, which adds to his stress.

Psychoanalytic theory suggests that Gulliver’s sneeze is an expression of his underlying anxiety. It is a sign that he is experiencing extreme feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. This can explain why he is constantly struggling to find his place in the world and why he is constantly being rejected by those around him.

The main character, Gulliver, travels throughout the world in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the world. He encounters many different types of people and races throughout his journeys. However, there are some common themes that appear throughout all of his trips.

Political Power: One of the first things that Gulliver notices is the different ways in which governments are governed. Some of these societies are ruled by rational and democratic leaders, while others are ruled by despotic rulers.

He also notices that some of these countries have their own ethical framework when it comes to the use of physical power, while others do not. For instance, the Brobdingnagians do not use physical power so often as the Lilliputians. This makes it clear that there are different levels of governance and ethics across all of the different places that Gulliver travels to.

Education: Another thing that Gulliver notices is the importance of education. He sees that some of the creatures he meets in each place are pursuing knowledge and education, while others do not care about it at all.

There are some savage creatures that run away from knowledge such as the Yahoos, while there are also sane animals who pursue it. For example, the Houyhnhnms are rational horses that maintain a simple society based on reason and truthfulness.

They are also the masters of the Yahoos, the savage human-like creatures that run away from knowledge. While Gulliver finds this to be contradictory, he does not understand why they would want to do this.

Moreover, the Houyhnhnms also do not have a word for “lie” in their language, which makes it even harder to understand them.

This is a significant point because it shows that Gulliver has become a misanthrope, or a person who is not a lover of humanity. He has become so disgusted with the way people are treated that he prefers to converse with his horses rather than his family back home in England.

He eventually returns to England, feeling miserable about his experiences in the world and his inability to communicate with anyone else. This is a significant change from his previous experiences and leads him to feel like an outsider in the world, which leads him to sneeze when he is nervous or stressed. This is a way for him to express his insecurity and inadequacy, and it also helps him gain new insight into the different cultures that he visits.