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Begin With The End In Mind Quotes

Many people have heard of the phrase “begin with the end in mind,” which comes from the book by Stephen R. Covey. It basically means to start with the end in your mind when you begin a task or project. This principle can be applied to many areas of your life, including making an investment or tackling a difficult task. Clarity and efficiency will be gained by taking the time to visualize the end goal or the end game.

Stephen Covey recommends that you start with the end in your mind to improve the quality and value of your life. He suggests that you imagine yourself dying or going at your funeral and envision how your life would be. This way, you will be more motivated to work hard and reach your goals. And if you’re not happy with where you’re at, you can always change it. But this requires you to think about your future and what you want, or else you’ll never get it.